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the unwilling raconteur

The answer is "No, I'm not."
"You're not? Not what?"

If you have to ask, you don't know the particulars. Good for you. It means that you're possibly clocking an above average IQ and have a day job. But just to clarify: I don't work in the "adult entertainment" industry. I am not a Sewercide Girl, Gawd's Girl or whatever uberhep name Internet porn site owners have dreamed up under the guise of legitimacy. There are no naked pictures of me on the Internet. I own no rhinestone pasties and g-strings. I have no tattooes, no piercings.

I love(d) a man with long, tawny legs and thick, ginger-colored hair. He reminded me of a lion. I dream about him so vividly, I wake up with the smell of his skin lingering in my memory.

I will be okay. One day.